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I just found out I'm HIV positive.
How can Friends For Life help me?
What should I ask my doctor?


What happens now?

It is very important for you to realize that your future with HIV IS NOT one that you must face alone.  There are many people ready to help you and guide you through learning how to live a HIGH QUALITY life while managing this disease.

Newer medications are SAVING lives.  HIV Infection IS NO LONGER A CERTAIN DEATH SENTENCEIt is becoming a chronic illness that often can be managed through the medications and other means.

Click here to find out more about living with HIV.

Friends For Life offers lots of programs designed to help those infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS.

Don't know where to start when going to your doctor? Here are a few questions to consider.

  • What side effects will I have to deal with?
  • What does my regimen look like?
  • How long will my regimen last?
  • What are the risks and benefits of starting treatments?
  • Can I take HIV drugs and keep working?
  • What about sex?
  • Can I stop taking the drugs at some point in the future?

Maybe these questions will get the conversation started with your doctor. Your doctor should evaluate your health condition and develop a regimen specifically for you.