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Nancy Fletcher Food Pantry

The Nancy Fletcher Food Pantry is one of the oldest services that Friends For Life has provided to the community. The food pantry first provided several hundred pounds of food a month to a limited number of people and now distributes 384,000 pounds of food annually to over a thousand people, including hundreds of children.

The Process

The majority of the food distributed in the food pantry comes from the Mid-South Food Bank. Once pallets of food are delivered, staff and volunteers stock the shelves in the pantry storage area and then fill the bags with food. The bags of food are then moved from the basement storage area to the distribution area on the first floor of the building via a dumb-waiter. More volunteers fill bags of fruit and vegetables in the distribution area and then provide assistance to get the food to the cars of program participants.

  • Participants are able to pick up food bags twice each month.
  • At each pick-up, more than 50 pounds of food is provided.
  • In addition to food, personal hygiene items such as toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, laundry detergent, paper products and feminine hygiene products.

The Nancy Fletcher Food Pantry is funded by the following:

Nancy FlecherOn October 24, 2007 Friends For Life’s Food Panty was officially named the Nancy Fletcher Food Pantry to honor Nancy Fletcher, former member of Board of Directors and long-time supporter, who died September 13, 2006. Nancy was a tireless advocate and caretaker of persons living with HIV/AIDS and dedicated much of the last years of her life serving Friends For Life and its clients. Early in the AIDS epidemic Nancy allowed many young men to live their last days in her home when their families and turned their backs on them and told them they were not welcome. The Food Pantry was one of Nancy’s favorite program to volunteer with and countless clients were met with her smiling face through the years as they came to the agency to pick up their food. Nancy (right) is pictured with long-time volunteer, Martha Bowers (left).

The Food BankSixteen tons of food are distributed monthly to more than 1,800 persons infected/affected by HIV/AIDS, over 300 of whom are children. The Nancy Fletcher Food Pantry is the second largest food pantry program in the Mid-South Food Bank ( which includes 32 counties. Clients are allowed to pick up food bags twice monthly with the number of bags depending on the number of HIV+ individuals and dependent children in the household.

Please help us continue to provide nutritious food to persons affected by HIV/AIDS by making a secure donation today. Each food bag costs Friends For Life $25 dollars. Financial contributions to Friends For Life are tax-deductible.


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